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哈利波特:大展》是官方 Kulturecity® 感官全纳™认证体验项目

3 月 13, 2024

The World Class Exhibition Is Now Sensory-Inclusive at All Times and Introduces Sensory Sundays, Starting April 7th

New York, NY (March 13, 2024) Harry Potter: The Exhibition™ is proud to announce a partnership with KultureCity®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sensory-inclusive experiences for individuals with sensory processing disorders. Through this partnership, the exhibition proudly earns KultureCity®’s Sensory Inclusive™ certification, guaranteeing all visitors the opportunity to enjoy a more sensory-inclusive journey at any time. Additionally, guests will now be able to partake in “Sensory Sundays,” an initiative designed to make the exhibition more accessible, accommodating, and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their sensory needs.

During Sensory Sundays at 哈利-波特展览, guests can expect a modified environment that accommodates sensory needs. In addition to sound and lighting adjustments on Sensory Sundays, KultureCity® Sensory Bags will also be readily available, equipped with strobe reduction glasses, noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, and other items aimed at reducing sensory overload and encouraging engagement with the exhibits. Additional modifications include a reduction in guest capacity, dimmed lights, minimized smells and sounds, and the incorporation of quiet spaces throughout the galleries. 

Sensory Sundays at 哈利-波特展览 will begin on Sunday, April 7, 2024, and occur every first Sunday from 9-11 a.m., on Sunday, May 5; Sunday, June 2; Sunday, July 14; and Sunday, August 4, 2024. 

KultureCity® also specializes in training venue staff and certifying venues with sensory-inclusive modifications, ensuring that individuals with sensory processing disorders can comfortably participate in various public events. Staff at the NYC location have all received training to better assist guests with sensory needs, and as an officially certified sensory-inclusive space, guests can enjoy KultureCity® Sensory Bags and quiet spaces any day of the week. A ‘social story’ is available at this link https://venue.kulturecity.org/venues/harry-potter-exhibition

“We are proud to partner with Harry Potter: The Exhibition to create a sensory-inclusive space for their visitors,” said Uma Srivastava, Executive Director at KultureCity®. “Together, we’re committed to providing an atmosphere dedicated to inclusivity, where every guest can immerse themselves in the wonders of Harry Potter: The Exhibition, experiencing magic in a space designed to embrace and accommodate all individuals.”

“Since the first creative concepts we developed, we have strived for an inclusive experience open to all visitors so it is my pleasure to join forces with KultureCity® in our continued commitment to make Harry Potter: The Exhibition more inclusive for individuals with sensory needs,” added Tom Zaller, CEO of 想象展览

Tickets are on sale now. For more information on Sensory Sundays and to plan your visit, please visit 哈利-波特展览.

哈利-波特展览 is an interactive, record-breaking exhibition, with more than 2 million visitors, created and developed by Imagine Exhibitions in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, and EMC Presents. Conveniently located in the heart of Herald Square in Midtown on the corner of 34th and 6th Ave and is easily accessible via Penn Station, Port Authority, or subway.  

哈利-波特展览 takes visitors of all ages on a one-of-a-kind journey celebrating the entire Harry Potter world and includes some of the most iconic moments from the beloved books and films of 哈利-波特 神奇动物. Upon entry, everyone is given an exhibition wristband for a personalized experience using best-in-class immersive design and technology. From selecting a Hogwarts house (either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin) to picking your wand and Patronus, visitors will be able to create their own, uniquely magical moments while earning points for their house with each interactive activity.  

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will experience galleries celebrating beloved film moments and locations, including the hall of moving portraits, the Great Hall, and Hogwarts classes, complimented by authentic props and costumes. Hagrid’s Hut and oversized chair is perfect for photo opps, as is the “cupboard under the stairs” from Harry’s childhood. In addition, vignettes from 神奇动物 and costumes from the Tony® award-winning Broadway production Harry Potter and The Cursed Child are included in the exhibition, making 哈利-波特展览 the most in-depth touring exhibition for the expanded Harry Potter world, perfect for both longtime fans and those just starting to experience the magic. 

从页面到屏幕画廊 展示了 哈利-波特与魔法石 protected in a Gringotts-inspired vault and is surrounded by inspirational video and literary quotes, reconnecting guests to the story as they are introduced to the exhibition. 

霍格沃茨城堡画廊 在这里,游客会看到自己的名字出现,提示他们继续探索展览。 

大会堂画廊 这是一个让游客在其标志性建筑中庆祝神奇季节时刻的空间。

"(《世界人权宣言》) Hogwarts Houses Gallery sets the foundation for the exhibition experience, allowing guests the opportunity to experience more personalized moments with the Hogwarts house they select during their preregistration. While guests may gravitate towards one house, this gallery will enable visitors to experience all of the Hogwarts houses in a celebratory hall featuring an iconic Sorting Hat, perfect for photo ops, while surrounded by freshly designed house crests on meticulously created stained glass windows. 

霍格沃茨 Classrooms Galleries are filled with iconic props, creatures, and costumes. Visitors will interact with magical lessons and games through digital touchscreens to reveal behind-the-scenes secrets about iconic classroom moments. They will brew potions in the Potions classroom, predict the future in Divination, pot a mandrake in the Herbology Greenhouse, and use their digital wand to defeat a boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts. 

海格小屋和禁林 提供互动式守护神符体验。随后,游客将发现隐藏在森林中的标志性生物,如半人马和噬人蛛,并在重现的海格小屋内进行探索。 

独一无二的 哈利-波特展览 商品将在现场零售店出售,游客可以通过各种主题系列来庆祝自己的狂热。粉丝们可以从一系列产品中进行选择,如服装、珠宝和可食用的点心,包括粉丝们最喜欢的巧克力青蛙和瓶装黄油啤酒,以及其他任何魔法世界体验所没有的商品。 

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From the moment Harry Potter was whisked from King’s Cross Station onto Platform nine and three quarters, his adventures left a unique mark on popular culture. Over 20 years later, the Wizarding World is established one of the world’s best-loved franchises and boasts a passionate community of fans of all ages.

Today, it represents an ever evolving and vast interconnected universe. Eight blockbuster 哈利-波特 films brought J.K. Rowling’s magical stories to life and fans can now dive into three epic 神奇动物 films, gasp at the multi-award-winning 哈利-波特与被诅咒的孩子, play state-of-the-art games from Portkey Games, discover innovative consumer products, and thrill at spectacular location-based experiences – including five theme park lands at Universal Studios locations around the world, ground-breaking touring experiences and events, and more which celebrate special moments and locations from the magical world.

This expanding portfolio of Warner Bros. Discovery-owned Wizarding World offerings also includes the Platform 9 3⁄4 retail shops and Harry Potter New York – the iconic flagship store. Fans and newcomers alike can also delight in exploring the behind-the-scenes secrets at 华纳兄弟伦敦工作室之旅--《哈利-波特》的制作过程 和 华纳兄弟东京工作室之旅--《哈利-波特》的制作过程.

With a new Max Original TV series based on the Harry Potter books on the way, the Wizarding World continues to evolve to provide its global community with fresh and exciting ways to engage. For its worldwide fans, and for generations to come, it welcomes everyone in to explore and discover the magic for themselves.

For the latest news and features across the Franchise, visit Wizarding World Digital at www.wizardingworld.com

Warner Bros. Discovery Themed Entertainment (WBDGTE), part of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Brands, Franchises, and Experiences, is a worldwide leader in the creation, development, and licensing of location-based entertainment, live events, exhibits, and theme park experiences based on the biggest franchises, stories and characters from Warner Bros.’ film, television, animation, and games studios, HBO, Discovery, DC, Cartoon Network and more. WBDGTE is home to the groundbreaking locations of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal theme parks around the world, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, The WB Abu Dhabi, The FRIENDS Experience, The Game of Thrones Studio Tour and countless other experiences inspired by the Wizarding World, DC, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Game of Thrones, FRIENDS and more. With best-in-class partners, WBDGTE allows fans around the world to physically immerse themselves inside their favorite brands and franchises.

魔法世界》及所有相关商标、角色、名称和标志均为 © & ™ 华纳兄弟娱乐公司所有。出版权 © JKR。(s23)

想象展览公司(Imagine Exhibitions, Inc. 位于亚特兰大,在叙事驱动、身临其境的戏剧设计、故事讲述和身临其境的体验方面处于世界领先地位,为全球各地的博物馆、品牌、场馆和综合度假村创造精致、高品质的体验。从构思到运营,Imagines 的行业先锋团队凭借在沉浸式设计体验和娱乐领域数十年的成功经验,始终如一地创造和实施令人难忘、发人深省的环境。公司为客户量身定做的体验活动,无论在哪里展示,都能传递有针对性的信息,提高参观人数。想象展览公司是全球巡回娱乐业的先驱,曾举办过许多国际知名的展览,如 哈利波特展览》、《泰坦尼克号:展览》、《饥饿游戏:展览》、《愤怒的小鸟:展览》:展览》、《愤怒的小鸟愤怒的小鸟:全球现象背后的艺术与科学》、《侏罗纪世界:展览》和《唐顿庄园:世界上最古老的宫殿》:展览》和《唐顿庄园》:展览》。  

Imagine Exhibitions is currently presenting more than 40 unique exhibitions in museums, science centers, aquariums, integrated resorts, and non-traditional venues worldwide. The company also continues to design, open, and operate its own venues, along with creating and implementing permanent and semi-permanent museum, brand, entertainment properties, and food and beverage experiences. For more information, visit www.ImagineExhibitions.com 或在 Facebook 上找到我们。

EMC Presents is a partnership between CTS Eventim, one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment, and award-winning tour promotor and producer Michael Cohl, creating one of the strongest global networks of promoters and venues. The partnership provides a comprehensive worldwide live entertainment platform, creating extraordinary shows and experiences, from concept creation to production and promotion. Michael Cohl’s career spans over 45 years as a Producer and Promoter for iconic entertainers, having worked with the world’s most recognized artists including Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and many more. Michael’s strategies are credited with revolutionizing the touring industry worldwide. Besides his storied history in the music industry, Cohl has promoted multiple successful exhibitions including the original King Tut exhibit, “John Lennon: The New York City Years”, Bodies: The Exhibition, Jurassic World: The Exhibition, and Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains. Cohl, previously the chairman of Live Nation, was inducted into the Canadian Rock n Roll/ Music Hall of Fame and has received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Among his many other awards, Cohl has also been honored with an Emmy, the Billboard Legend of Live Award, the TJ Martell Foundation Man of the Year Award, a Peabody Award, and a JUNO Award for Special Achievement.

KultureCity®, established in 2014, is a dynamic non-profit organization at the forefront of the inclusivity movement which continues to make waves in creating a more accessible and accepting world for individuals with sensory needs and invisible disabilities (found in 1 in 4 of us). In a short 10 years, a few highlight of KultureCity’s impact includes making over 1,800 venues sensory inclusive certified, handing out almost a million sensory bags to individuals in need, making over 150 live events sensory inclusive, and saving 48 lives through the KultureCity® First Responder Training. KultureCity’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond physical spaces. The organization actively collaborates with influential figures, businesses, and communities to promote awareness and understanding of invisible disabilities. KultureCity® partners with event industry leaders like NFL, NBA, MLB and FIFA to make their flagship events sensory inclusive. With ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and a passionate community of supporters, KultureCity® is set to leave an enduring impact on the landscape of inclusivity.           

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