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Juni 29, 2023

Due to popular demand Harry Potter™: The Exhibition extends through October 15, 2023


Since it opened on April 21, Harry Potter™: The Exhibition has welcomed over 250,000 visitors to Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. This immersive exhibition celebrates the iconic stories and moments of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the wider Wizarding World, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, through beautifully designed environments that honor the iconic moments, characters, settings and beasts.

To celebrate this success and give as many people as possible the chance to discover this phenomenon, additional dates for Harry Potter™: The Exhibition will be extended until October 15. Ticket sales open today for these new dates.

Tom Zaller, President and CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, said: “We are thrilled to see such an incredible response from visitors to the exhibition and we’ve officially announced today that we’re extending the dates so that more people can experience this amazing exhibition in Paris.”



Warner Bros. Discovery invites Harry Potter fans of all ages to the annual back-to-school event: “Back to Hogwarts”. This year, a unique event will be hosted on September 2nd (the day after the official Back To Hogwarts Day on the 1st) at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles on the site of Harry Potter™: The Exhibition, the most comprehensive touring exhibition ever presented about the expanded Wizarding World.

The series’ fan community is invited to take part in the « La rentrée des 4 Maisons… Que la meilleure gagne ! », the first giant interactive quiz ever organized in France. The objective: win the most points for your House…

On this special day, fans will be able to enjoy exclusive, free activities and animations: an interactive quiz, challenges, meetings and several photocalls to immortalize the celebration.

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition will also be taking part in the celebrations for this exceptional day!

Visitors who secure their place – bookable online – will receive an exclusive collector’s ticket and will have access to one-of-a-kind animations as well as a free audio-guide inside the exhibition. The Harry Potter: The Exhibition boutique will be open to them, and everyone will have access to exclusive experiences: personalized engravings on glassware products from the Arribas range, or a Lego® challenge where builders will reproduce the new Lego® Hogwarts Castle in XXL version.

Check out a few of the highlights of the exhibition in pictures, not to be missed under any circumstances!

Since it premiered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a year ago, over one million visitors have experienced this captivating exhibition celebrating Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World. The exhibition is created and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and EMC Presents.

Zu den Highlights der Ausstellungsgalerie gehören:

From Page to Screen Gallery showcases a first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone encased in a Gringotts-inspired vault and is surrounded by inspirational video and literary quotes, reconnecting guests to the story as they are introduced to the exhibition.

Hogwarts Schloss Galerie bietet ein immersives Multimedia-Erlebnis mit ikonischen Elementen wie der Peitschenden Weide, den Dementoren und der Karte des Plünderers, wo die Gäste ihren Namen erscheinen sehen, der sie auffordert, die Ausstellung weiter zu erkunden.

The Hogwarts Houses Gallery sets the foundation for the exhibition experience, allowing guests the opportunity to experience more personalized moments with the Hogwarts house they select during their pre-registration. While guests may gravitate towards one house, this gallery will enable visitors to experience all of the Hogwarts houses in a celebratory hall featuring the iconic Sorting Hat, while surrounded by bespoke house crests designed specifically for the exhibition, featured on meticulously created stained glass windows.

Die Galerie der Großen Halle ist ein Ort, an dem die Besucher in seiner ikonischen Architektur magische saisonale Momente erleben können.

Hogwarts-Klassenzimmer sind mit kultigen Requisiten, Kreaturen und Kostümen gefüllt. Die Besucher können über digitale Touchscreens mit magischen Lektionen und Spielen interagieren, um Geheimnisse hinter den Kulissen über ikonische Momente im Klassenzimmer zu erfahren. Sie brauen Zaubertränke im Zaubertränke-Klassenzimmer, sagen die Zukunft in Wahrsagerei voraus, pflanzen eine Alraune im Gewächshaus der Kräuterkunde und benutzen ihren digitalen Zauberstab, um einen Irrwicht in Verteidigung gegen die dunklen Künste zu besiegen.

Hagrids Hütte und der Verbotene Wald bieten ein interaktives Patronus-Zaubererlebnis. Die Gäste entdecken dann im Wald versteckte ikonische Kreaturen wie Zentauren und Acromantula und erkunden eine Nachbildung von Hagrids Hütte.

Eine exklusive Sammlung von Harry Potter™: The Exhibition werden im Ladengeschäft vor Ort erhältlich sein, damit die Gäste ihre Fangemeinde mit einer Auswahl an thematischen Kollektionen feiern können, die die erweiterte Zaubererwelt umfassen. Die Fans können aus einer Reihe von Produkten wie Kleidung, Schmuck und essbaren Leckereien wie Schokoladenfröschen und Butterbier in Flaschen wählen, aber auch aus Waren, die in keiner anderen Zaubererwelt erhältlich sind.


Harry Potter: The Exhibition can be visited daily* in Paris from April 21 for a limited time. With prices starting at €15, the interactive experience is a unique highlight for guests of any age. Tickets can be booked at harrypotter-exposition.fr
and at all FNAC ticket outlets.

VIP tickets with flexible visits on the selected day are a special highlight and popular gift. The VIP ticket experience offers a flex schedule, commemorative lanyard, free access to the Harry Potter Audio Guide and a $10 credit to spend in the retail store. All further information on tickets, opening hours and FAQs can be found at harrypotter-exposition.fr

Über die Zauberhafte Welt

In den Jahren, seit Harry Potter™ von der King's Cross Station auf den Bahnsteig neundreiviertel entführt wurde, haben seine unglaublichen Abenteuer einen einzigartigen und bleibenden Eindruck in der Popkultur hinterlassen. Acht Harry-Potter-Filme, die auf den Originalgeschichten von J.K. Rowling basieren, haben die magischen Geschichten zum Leben erweckt, und heute ist die Welt der Zauberer als eine der beliebtesten Marken der Welt anerkannt.

Es stellt ein riesiges, miteinander verbundenes Universum dar und umfasst drei epische Phantastische Tierwesen Filme, Harry Potter und das verwunschene Kind – the multi-award-winning stage-play, state-of-the-art video and mobile games from Portkey Games, innovative consumer products, thrilling live entertainment (including four theme park lands) and insightful exhibitions. 

Das wachsende Portfolio der Warner Bros. Discovery-eigenen Wizarding World-Touren und -Einzelhandelsgeschäfte umfasst auch das Flaggschiff Harry Potter New York, die Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, die Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo und die Platform 9 3⁄4 Einzelhandelsgeschäfte. 

Die Zauberhafte Welt entwickelt sich ständig weiter, um Harry Potter-Fans neue und aufregende Möglichkeiten zu bieten, sich zu engagieren. Für die weltweite Fangemeinde und für kommende Generationen heißt sie jeden willkommen, die Magie selbst zu erforschen und zu entdecken. 

WIZARDING WORLD und alle damit verbundenen Marken, Charaktere, Namen und Kennzeichen sind © & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Verlagsrechte © JKR. (s23)

Über Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment (WBDGTE), part of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Brands and Experiences, is a worldwide leader in the creation, development, and licensing of location-based entertainment, live events, exhibits, and theme park experiences based on Warner Bros.’ iconic characters, stories, and brands. WBDGTE is home to the groundbreaking global locations of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, WB Movie World Australia, and countless other experiences inspired by DC, Looney Tunes, Scooby, Game of Thrones, Friends, and more. With best-in-class partners, WBDGTE allows fans worldwide to physically immerse themselves inside their favorite brands and franchises.

Über Imagine Exhibitions

Atlanta-based world leader in narrative-driven, immersive theatrical design, story-telling, and immersive experiences, Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., creates sophisticated, high- quality experiences for museums, brands, venues, and integrated resorts across the globe. From ideation to operation, Imagine’s team of industry pioneers draws upon decades of success in the fields of immersive design experiences and entertainment to consistently create and implement memorable and thought-provoking environments. The company’s custom experiences deliver focused messaging and serve to increase attendance wherever they are presented. Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., is a global pioneer in traveling entertainment responsible for many internationally recognized exhibitions such as Harry Potter: The Exhibition, Titanic: The Exhibition, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, Angry Birds: The Art & Science Behind a Global Phenomenon, Jurassic World: The Exhibition, and Downton Abbey: The Exhibition.

Imagine Exhibitions präsentiert derzeit mehr als 40 einzigartige Ausstellungen in Museen, Wissenschaftszentren, Aquarien, integrierten Resorts und nicht-traditionellen Veranstaltungsorten weltweit. Das Unternehmen entwirft, eröffnet und betreibt auch weiterhin seine eigenen Ausstellungsorte und kreiert und implementiert permanente und semi-permanente Museums-, Marken- und Unterhaltungsobjekte sowie Gastronomieerlebnisse. Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte 

For more information, visit ImagineExhibitions.com or find us on Facebook.

About EMC Events

EMC Presents is a partnership between CTS Eventim, one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment, and award-winning tour promotor and producer Michael Cohl, creating one of the strongest global networks of promoters and venues. The partnership provides a comprehensive worldwide live entertainment platform, creating extraordinary shows and experiences, from concept creation to production and promotion. Michael Cohl’s career spans over 45 years as a Producer and Promoter for iconic entertainers, having worked with the world’s most recognized artists including Barbara Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and many more. Michael’s strategies are credited with revolutionizing the touring industry worldwide. Besides his storied history in the music industry, Cohl has promoted multiple successful exhibitions including the original King Tut exhibit, “John Lennon: The New York City Years”, Bodies: The Exhibition, Jurassic World: The Exhibition, and Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains. Cohl, der zuvor Vorsitzender von Live Nation war, wurde in die Canadian Rock n Roll/ Music Hall of Fame aufgenommen und erhielt einen Stern auf dem kanadischen Walk of Fame. Neben vielen anderen Auszeichnungen wurde Cohl auch mit einem Emmy, dem Billboard Legend of Live Award, dem TJ Martell Foundation Man of the Year Award, einem Peabody Award und einem JUNO Award for Special Achievement geehrt. 


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