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Harry Potter™ : L'exposition arrive à São Paulo !

15 avril 2024

The groundbreaking, interactive touring exhibition will celebrate its South American Premiere at Ibirapuera’s OCA in the city of São Paulo, in August 2024. Tickets go on sale April 23rd.

São Paulo, April 15th, 2024 – Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, Imagine Exhibitions, and Eventim Livehave announced that Harry Potter : L'exposition is making its South America premiere at Ibirapuera’s OCA in the city of São Paulo in August 2024. Tickets for Harry Potter: The Exhibition will go on sale Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at harrypotterexhibition.com.br et Eventim.

The behind-the-scenes exhibition celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts as seen from the films of Harry Potter et Fantastic Beasts™, as well as the wonders of the extended Harry Potter universe, including costumes, props and imagery from the Tony® award-winning Broadway production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Guests can experience the beautifully crafted environments that honor many of the unforgettable moments fans and audiences have loved for more than two decades, getting an up-close look at everything from original costumes to authentic props as they embark on a personalized journey through innovative, awe-inspiring, and magical environments using best-in-class immersive design and technology.

Following the world premiere in Philadelphia in February 2022, Harry Potter: The Exhibition has since opened in several cities around the world and welcomed over two million visitors and fans of Harry Potter. It is currently showing in New York City, USA, Macao, China and opens next month in Munich, Germany.

“Our beloved franchise has been captivating fans for generations and this exhibition has given millions the chance to see the wizarding world in a new way,” said Peter van Roden, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment. “Whether they’re lifelong students of the Harry Potter films or new to the franchise, fans of all ages across South America and in São Paulo are in for a magical experience.”

“This exhibition celebrates the extended world of Harry Potter like no other touring exhibition has done before,” said Tom Zaller, President and CEO of Imagine Exhibitions. “I have wanted to open in Brazil since we began planning and I am so happy to finally go on sale in São Paulo. We can’t wait to share it with visitors, fans and families from all over Brazil when we open at the OCA this August!”. 

“I was at the opening of the exhibition in Philadelphia and left convinced that I had to bring it to Brazil,” said Jeffrey Neale, partner, and director of Dueto. “I was very impressed with the entire experience, from the amazing galleries to the interactive technology. I know that Brazilian fans will be as excited for this experience as I am.”

“We want to bring happiness to people. This is what guides 30e, and being able to expand our area of activity with a project that speaks directly to our purpose is very special to me. The experience of Harry Potter: The Exhibition has impacted and entertained families all over the world and with the Brazilian public, who have a great passion for this entire universe, it will be no different”, says Pepeu Correa, CEO of 30e.

Gallery Highlights

Galerie "De la page à l'écran présente une première édition de Harry Potter et la pierre philosophale Il est entouré de vidéos d'inspiration et de citations littéraires, ce qui permet aux visiteurs de renouer avec l'histoire au fur et à mesure qu'ils découvrent l'exposition. 

Galerie du château de Poudlard propose une expérience multimédia immersive avec des éléments emblématiques tels que le saule gémissant, les Détraqueurs et la carte du Maraudeur, où les visiteurs verront leur nom apparaître, les incitant à poursuivre leur exploration de l'exposition. 

Galerie du Grand Hall est un espace qui permet aux visiteurs de célébrer des moments saisonniers magiques dans son architecture emblématique.

Le Maisons de Poudlard est le point de départ de l'expérience de l'exposition, car elle permet aux visiteurs de vivre des moments plus personnalisés avec la maison de Poudlard qu'ils ont choisie lors de leur préinscription. Bien que les visiteurs puissent être attirés par une maison en particulier, cette galerie leur permettra de découvrir toutes les maisons de Poudlard dans un hall de célébration doté d'un emblématique chapeau de tri, idéal pour les séances de photos, et entouré d'écussons de maison fraîchement dessinés sur des vitraux méticuleusement créés. 

Salles de classe de Poudlard sont remplis d'accessoires, de créatures et de costumes emblématiques. Les visiteurs interagiront avec des leçons et des jeux magiques grâce à des écrans tactiles numériques qui leur révéleront les secrets des coulisses et des moments emblématiques de la classe. Ils prépareront des potions dans la salle de potions, prédiront l'avenir dans la salle de divination, cultiveront une mandragore dans la serre d'herboristerie et utiliseront leur baguette numérique pour vaincre un boggart dans le cours de défense contre les arts obscurs. 

La cabane de Hagrid et la forêt interdite offrent une expérience interactive du charme de Patronus. Les visiteurs découvriront ensuite des créatures emblématiques, telles que les centaures et les acromantules, cachées dans la forêt et exploreront une reconstitution de la cabane de Hagrid. 

Une collection exclusive de Harry Potter : L'expositionmerchandise will be available in the onsite retail shop for guests to celebrate their fandom through an assortment of themed collections that celebrate the extended Harry Potter universe. Fans can choose from a range of products such as apparel, jewelry, and edible treats, including Chocolate Frogs and bottled and draft Butterbeer. There will also be merchandise not available at any other Harry Potter experience.

Les fans sont encouragés à suivre Harry Potter : L'exposition sur Facebook et Instagram. #harrypotterexhibition # HarryPotterExhibitionBrasil @harrypotter_exhibition


About The Harry Potter Franchise

From the moment eleven-year-old Harry Potter met Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, his adventures have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Today, over 25 years later, the Harry Potter phenomenon thrives as one of the most successful and best-loved entertainment properties in history.

J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter novels have been brought to life in an ever-evolving, interconnected universe which is loved by millions of fans worldwide. Eight blockbuster Harry Potter films and three epic Les bêtes fantastiques films bring the spellbinding action to life on screen, Harry Potter et l'enfant maudit mesmerises on stage, and state-of-the-art video and mobile games from Portkey Games allow players to experience the wizarding world like never before. Fans can proudly showcase their passion through innovative consumer products, and thrill at spectacular location-based experiences – including five theme park lands at Universal Studios locations around the world.

This expanding portfolio of Warner Bros. Discovery-owned Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts offerings includes ground-breaking touring experiences and events, each developed to celebrate special moments and locations that fans cherish, as well as the Platform 9 3⁄4 retail shops and iconic flagship store – Harry Potter New York. Wizards, Witches and Muggles alike can also discover something new as they explore behind-the-scenes secrets at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Le tournage de Harry Potter et Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - Le tournage de Harry Potter.

With a new Max Original TV series based on the Harry Potter books on the way, this extended world continues to provide the community with fresh and exciting ways to interact. For its global fans, and for generations to come, it invites everyone in to find the magic for themselves.

For the latest Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts news and features, visit www.wizardingworld.com.

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